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wax melt burner

Ceramic cut out wax melt burner / oil burner Flower and Star

This beautiful luxurious ceramic wax melter / oil burner comes in two designs, flower or star shape cut out through the burner. It comes with a tea light spoon which is a practical accessory meant to prevent fingers getting caught by the flame of the tea light.


Why not add our waxmelts to the burner as they make a perfect partnership. 


  • 11.5 cm (H) x 9 cm (W)

  • Place oil burner on heat or fire resistant surface.

    Never leave a lit oil burner unattended.

    Use well away from pets and young children.

    Do not use the burner without wax or oil make sure there is sufficient oil or wax in the bowl, do not apply heat when dish is empty to avoid cracks.

    Do not touch the surface when lit.

    Do not overfill the dish with wax, add wax melts gradually

    Use with good quality unscented tea lights (4 hrs burning time), make sure the wick is trimmed


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