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mixed shaped kids bathbombs

Shaped Bath Bombs for Kids

Introducing our  Shaped Bath Bombs for Kids, the perfect addition to bath time fun!  designed for retailers, spas, or anyone looking to offer a playful and delightful bathing experience for children.

Each bath bomb is crafted with care and available in a variety of fun shapes. Made with added foaming solution. These bath bombs bring imagination to life, turning ordinary baths into exciting adventures. The vibrant colours and whimsical designs of our Shaped Bath Bombs for Kids make them visually appealing and captivating to children of all ages. 

Adding an extra touch of joy, our Shaped Bath Bombs for Kids are infused with delightful scents, such as fruity, candy-like, or fresh fragrances. The enchanting aromas create a soothing and sensory experience, making bath time even more enjoyable.

As the bath bombs dissolve in the water, they release a burst of colour and fizz, captivating children's imagination and turning their bath into a colourful wonderland. 

rainbow shaped bath bomb

Funky bath bombs

Donut bath bombs

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