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Regular Incense cones or Backflow incense cones? What’s the difference incense cones types?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023


regular incense cones
Regular incense cones

Backflow incense cones
Backflow incense cones

The 1st thing you will notice from the packaging is that it says Backflow on the left item above and not on the right item. Its im

portant that you choose the correct cones for the burner you are using.

The 2nd thing you will notice is the shape of the cone. The backflow cone on the left is wider and more bullet shaped whilst the other is more cone shaped.

The reason the backflow cone is shaped like this is because it has a small hole running through the middle to allow the smoke to fall through it when it is lit allowing the downward fall of the smoke through the burner.

The regular cone has no hole so the smoke will rise and flow upwards.


Backflow burner.

As you can see the backflow cone is placed on the burner with the hole of the cone over the hole on the burner.

this allows the smoke to fall through the burner creating a smoke waterfall effect.

Incense house burner

Regular incense burner.

Above is regular Incense burner so the cone sits on the plate on the bottom of the burner and when lit the smoke will rise, so when the top fo the hose is placed on the top the burner gives the effect of smoke rising from the chimney.

We sell both varieties of incense cones types and burners at

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